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Three-Body Technology Heavier7Strings v1.1.5
Three-Body Technology Heavier7Strings v1.1.5 | 2.76 GB

Heavier7Strings is a seven-stringed metal-style virtual guitar instrument with effect rack and MIDI pattern library. What is the first thing to do when one starts a virtual guitar? Usually it is to bypass all built-in effects, as they are mostly too primitive for any serious work. However, the effect rack we provide to you is complete and of production-level quality, not just a toy!
upload113 | 24-03-2018, 05:49 | 74 | 0
Steinberg Cubase v5.1.2
Steinberg Cubase v5.1.2 | 4 GB

Cubase 5 - Advanced Music Production System. Cubase 5 comes with fully integrated new tools for working with loops, beats and vocals, such as LoopMash and VariAudio, combining with new composition features and the first VST3 convolution reverb to take musical creativity to new heights. With stunning innovations and additional enhancements that boost productivity and performance, Cubase 5 represents the absolute cutting edge in digital audio workstations.
upload113 | 24-03-2018, 04:50 | 73 | 0
FabFilter Pro-C v1.23 WiN / OSX
FabFilter Pro-C v1.23 WiN / OSX | 3.1 Mb / 2.6 Mb

Incredible sound and character. FabFilter Pro-C 2 is a high-quality compressor plug-in for the most demanding engineers. Whether you need subtle mastering compression, an upfront lead vocal, that magic drum glue or deep EDM pumping: Pro-C 2 gets the job done with style!
upload113 | 24-03-2018, 04:39 | 76 | 0
Positive Grid BIAS FX v1.6.1 WiN
Positive Grid BIAS FX v1.6.1 WiN | 658 Mb

Over the last several years, a range of high processing powered digital guitar effects and mobile guitar apps have changed the way millions of guitarists play and record. The question is how we can create new tools to maximize the sound quality with today's technology.
upload113 | 24-03-2018, 03:16 | 81 | 0
FabFilter Total Bundle v2018.02.22 WiN / OSX
FabFilter Total Bundle v2018.02.22 WiN / OSX | 36 Mb / 33 Mb

The Total Bundle is a set of all FabFilter plug-ins. With this bundle, you get our professional EQ, multiband dynamics, compressor, limiter, de-esser and gate/expander, creative multiband distortion, stereo delay, filter and synthesizer plug-ins.
upload113 | 24-03-2018, 02:06 | 79 | 0
BigWerks Trap Influenced KONTAKT
BigWerks Trap Influenced KONTAKT | 2.05 Gb

Trap Influenced kontakt library was designed to fit the many different styles of trap music from the uptempo to the more laid back style of trap production. We designed this kontakt library with just the right amount of aggressive and laid back (trap soul) type sounds to fulfill the wide variety of trap music!
upload113 | 23-03-2018, 23:56 | 100 | 0
n-Track Studio Suite v9.0.0.3514 WiN
n-Track Studio Suite v9.0.0.3514 WiN | 208 Mb

n-Track Studio 9 - A recording studio in your computer. Introducing n-Track Studio 9. Studio quality recording, editing and mixing software. n-Track Studio brings you professional audio quality and easy workflow.
upload113 | 23-03-2018, 22:50 | 79 | 0
Positive Grid BIAS AMP 2 v2.1.0 WiN
Positive Grid BIAS AMP 2 v2.1.0 WiN | 436 Mb

BIAS AMP 2 is the ultimate virtual amp designer, authentically recreating the tone and feel of real tube amplifiers, while allowing you to mix and match components to create your ideal amp. You can use Amp Match to clone the tone of real hardware or a guitar track, or connect to the ToneCloud® to gain access to thousands of custom amps from artists and recording studios, or upload your own custom tones to the cloud.
upload113 | 23-03-2018, 09:02 | 79 | 0
SampleHero DBJ's Crime Scoring Toolkit KONTAKT
SampleHero DBJ's Crime Scoring Toolkit KONTAKT | 143 Mb

Dan Brown Jr's compositions are heard around the world everyday via TV's biggest networks! This toolkit is a taylor-made set of sounds created for SampleHero by DBJ himself. This product is packed full of content, featuring many of his favorite secret-weapon sounds!
rukensai | 23-03-2018, 00:00 | 90 | 0

Wavesfactory Mercury KONTAKT
Wavesfactory Mercury KONTAKT
SYNTHiC4TE | 04 January 2017 | 32 GB