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NetWorker 4.6.3
NetWorker 4.6.3 | macOS | 8 mb

NetWorker shows network information conveniently in the menu bar. It also features a window that shows additional information about the currently active network adapter.
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RightFont 4.4
RightFont 4.4 | macOS | 7 mb

RightFont is a lightweight font manager with a clean, beautiful interface. It offers many features which help you manage all your local fonts with ease.
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Focus Timer: Focus mind on work 2.8
Focus Timer: Focus mind on work 2.8 Multilingual | macOS | 15 mb

Focus Timer can help you focus on work and say goodbye to procrastination!
It's the focus best timer for work & study
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Translatium 7.10.0
Translatium 7.10.0 | macOS | 50 mb

Translate like a Pro with Translatium - the most powerful translation app for macOS.
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iNotepad Pro 3.4
iNotepad Pro 3.4 | macOS | 7 mb

Notepad is designed specifically to allow you to write and perfectly organize all your texts and notes. Try it now and it will soon become essential for all aspects related to writing texts with your Mac.
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SpotFiles 3.0.15
SpotFiles 3.0.15 | macOS | 4 mb

Search files using advanced criteria but without Spotlight engine. Get hidden files by name, size, kind, etc. and view results in a extended view.
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Cut Out Shapes: Erase Elements 8.1.2
Cut Out Shapes: Erase Elements 8.1.2 | macOS | 23 mb

Cut Out Shapes is a new SIMPLE tool that helps you DELETE BACKGROUND in your pics.
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Boinx mimoLive 3.2.1
Boinx mimoLive 3.2.1 | macos | 37 MB

mimoLive - The Multi-in, Multi-out Live-Video Engine - (was BoinxTV) is like your personal TV truck without the truck. Easy to learn and easy to master, it allows you to broadcast your message on a dime. Combine live camera video, clips, photos, 3D graphics, lower thirds, audio, and more to create a stunning recording or live video stream. mimoLive is perfect for school TV, events, conferences, video podcasts, webinars, training videos, game streaming, sports, concerts, sermons, and more. Stream directly to YouTube, Facebook, and more, or record to disk.
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iSnapshot Pro 3.1.0
iSnapshot Pro 3.1.0 | macOS | 5 mb

iSnapshot is an efficient and easy screenshot tool, synthesizing the functions of snapshot management, notes feature and exporting etc., allowing users to make various kinds of software instruction and tutorial quickly.
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DVDFab All-In-one MacOSX
DVDFab All-In-one MacOSX | 196 MB

DVDFab All-In-One for Mac is a versatile combo of nearly all the powerful DVDFab products - DVD Copy for Mac, DVD Ripper for Mac, Blu-ray Copy for Mac, Blu-ray Ripper for Mac, Blu-ray to DVD Converter for Mac, DVD to Blu-ray Converter for Mac, DVD Creator for Mac, Blu-ray Creator for Mac, Video Converter for Mac, DVD Cinavia Removal for Mac, Blu-ray Cinavia Removal for Mac, and File Transfer for Mac. It provides totally complete solution for all your DVD/Blu-ray/video issues and performs perfectly.